6 Reasons You Need Vitamins for Long-Term Survival

Getting the right mix of food supply and nutrients is essential for every prepper. Yet, the big question is: how do you survive during food shortages? Research has shown that without vitamins, our bodies cannot develop. So, when you don’t have access to all the right foods, what do you consume to remain in your best shape?

Being prepared for SHTF situations involves stockpiling good quality vitamins and supplements. What’s the perk? Vitamins provide the nutrients which your body needs during emergencies. Think about an earthquake that affects food stores, farms, and every source of food. If such natural disaster were to occur right now and your chances of getting food were really slim, would you have the vigor to keep going?

This post will dwell on the importance of vitamins for long-term survival. Also, we’d provide a list of vitamins that you should store before the unexpected happens.

Why You Need Vitamins During a SHTF Situation

Generally, vitamins affect our physical, mental, and emotional health. The body as well as the brain requires vitamins to encourage healthy cell regeneration, prevent heart problems, and reduce stress.

Now, it’s no news that preppers experience a lot of stress when preparing for the tough days. In fact, most people are bound to have vitamin deficiencies during wars or battles, consequently resulting in starvation and death. Many times, finding all the right foods may not be easy. Plus, even when you get the foods you need, you must be careful in your use and how you manage them.

Thus, how can vitamins help you survive for a long period of uncertainty?

1. Protect Unborn Babies

Anyone in the childbearing age requires vitamins to protect their unborn babies. Now, it’s been proven that folic acid is compulsory for pregnant women or women planning to have children.

Before a crisis occurs, you need to do every within your power to keep your unborn child unaffected. And you can include the right vitamins in your survival kit while preparing.

 2. Strengthen Your Bones

Your physical health is tested during hard times. Vitamin D usually keeps the bone strengthened and strong. If things were to go wrong overnight, you’d need to be able to move things around, carry your kids or do other energy-sapping tasks.

Now, B vitamins can go a long way in improving your bone health. Fish and egg would do the magic in this case, but in place of them, there are vitamin supplements that equally provide bone strength.

3. Relieve Stress

During preparation for major crises, preppers often get stressed. In fact, victims of natural disasters and conflicts are prone to experience higher levels of the cortisol hormone. The need to protect your loved ones may put you under some pressure and cause you to fall out of balance.

However, vitamins such as vitamin B5 can help you manage stress. Ideally, mushrooms and eggs supply this vitamin.

4. Maintain Immune System

Keeping the immune system healthy is important as bacteria can cause diseases especially when the right nutrients are not consumed. Hence, you need a good supply of vitamins to maintain immunity.

Beta glucan stimulates the immune system and helps your body fight off infections and diseases that could weaken you during crises.

5. Keeps You Strong

Vitamin C is a good source of strength, especially when you’re prone to wounds or smaller injuries. Further, blood circulation is a consequence of your physical abilities. Thus, you should ingest foods with the right amount of vitamins.

6. Regulates Blood Sugar

People with diabetes, especially type 2, need vitamins to regulate blood sugar. Stress, emergency, and a change in lifestyle could affect your health. Thus, beta glucan can help to control your blood sugar.

List of Vitamins You Need When SHTF

1. Beta Glucan – Topping the list is Beta Glucan. Formulated to fight off common colds and illness, this powerful vitamin ensures that our bodies our fully equipped to fight off potential illness and disease. It also helps you you recover from infections, cuts and injuries faster than normal.

2. Zinc – strengthens the bones, aids wound healing, and regulates immune system

3. Iron – makes pregnancy easy and gives babies strong bones

4. Vitamin C – boost the immune system and aids wound healing

5. Beta Carotene – reduces free radical damage and prevents heart problems

6. Vitamin A – helps you maintain good eyesight

7. Folic acid – this improves cell regeneration and the formation of red blood cells

8. Vitamin B2 – prevents inflammation and increases antibodies which fight off infections and diseases

9. Vitamin D – for healthy heart and nervous system and strong bones

10. Vitamin E – improves the circulation of blood of cell respiration


When food sources get really low and you cannot afford to feed as you would on a regular day, your survival depends mainly on vitamins. You could also consider supplements so that you don’t run out of food supplies. To improve your chance of survival, the number one vitamin you NEED in your bug out bag is Beta- Glucan. We’re not talking about a regular multi -vitamin you pick up in Walmart. This powerful vitamin is high grade, used by the military to help boost immunity. Beta Glucan enhances the human immune system by 400% and is the most powerful natural immune booster in the world. Studies have shown Beta Glucan induced survival rates of 80-90% for septic infections, radiation, and even Anthrax poisoning.

In the long run, staying healthy and strong is important when things get out of balance. If you would survive, you should stockpile the right quantity and best quality of vitamins now.

We hope this post would help you make the right decisions. Leave your comments below.

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