About Us

Survival: (a) the act or fact of living or continuing longer than another person or thing; (b)the continuation of life or existence. – Merriam-Webster,

We live in very uncertain times. Times that are pushing humanity to the brink of chaos and disaster. Family and Freedom are at stake. If you sit around listening to our government and doing nothing like mindless pawns, then you lose all right to complain when things go wrong. What will you do when their plan ultimately fails? How would you ensure the safekeeping of your family? How will your future generations benefit from the actions you took today?

In order to survive, we must be willing to adapt to change. We’ve become complacent. We rely too much on the stronghold of technology to make our lives more convenient. There’s no convenience when it comes to survival. There’s only life or death. It is down to us to make sure we outlive the situations that threaten our lives. It’s down to you to take control of the situation and not let it control you.

That’s what it means to be an Alpha here at Alpha Survival. We live to conquer every obstacle thrown at us. We keep our pack safe. We’re smart and resourceful. And we know that to adapt is to survive – and that includes our way of thinking. We must be willing to see, understand and respect the views and opinions of others, and not be afraid of adapting our own.

Through the sharing of information, resources, and support, we are building a network of survival-ready people who are able to overcome any and every challenge they face. It’s no easy task being an Alpha. It’s an arduous undertaking of meticulous planning and constant vigilance. But if you prove you’ve got what it takes, you might be just what the world needs right now.

Only The Prepared Survive