10 Ways To Protect Your Wealth When SHTF

If we don’t take steps to protect our wealth no one else will do it for us. We can’t rely on banks or government schemes to take care of us when times are hard. In fact, these institutions can freeze or seize our assets whenever they feel the need. In a SHTF scenario of total… Continue Reading

8 Things To Do When Faced With A Terrorist Attack

It is a terrifying indictment of modern times that getting caught in a terrorist attack is a possibility for anyone. Radical religious extremists have targeted the United States and Europe for multiple terrorist atrocities. The threat from jihadists continues to loom worldwide. Modern day terrorism sees attackers target not only major landmarks but also so-called… Continue Reading

9 Things To Do Before A Hurricane Hits

According to the latest climate change data, we’re set to experience more frequent major hurricanes in the years to come. Whether you have faith in predictions or not, it’s hard to argue with the widespread devastation we’ve been seeing more of lately. As survivalists, we’re always prepared for a worst-case scenario, no matter when it… Continue Reading