13 Essential Winter Survival Items You Should Own

Now the winter season is approaching, it’s important you’re well prepared for the upcoming biting chill. You may protect your home and pets, but do you take enough care of yourself when temperatures plummet? We have put together a list of items that you should consider before the peak of winter sneaks up on you,… Continue Reading

6 Reasons You Need Vitamins for Long-Term Survival

Getting the right mix of food supply and nutrients is essential for every prepper. Yet, the big question is: how do you survive during food shortages? Research has shown that without vitamins, our bodies cannot develop. So, when you don’t have access to all the right foods, what do you consume to remain in your… Continue Reading

6 Survivalist Essentials for Wild Camping

Wild camping means just that. Just you, your raw skills and the wilderness. No comfy camper vans, no fancy gadgets, at times not even a plain old lighter. When disaster strikes only your skill set and ability will ensure you and your loved ones survive. As humans, many of us have become accustomed to comfort… Continue Reading

7 Things You Need In Your Bug Bag RIGHT NOW

Everyone has some idea of what they want in their bug out bag, but there are a few things that should be included in most everyone’s bag. Your bag can be customized with extras all you want but cast away one of these basic 8 at your peril. 1. Basic Shelter Most people who die… Continue Reading