13 Essential Winter Survival Items You Should Own

Now the winter season is approaching, it’s important you’re well prepared for the upcoming biting chill. You may protect your home and pets, but do you take enough care of yourself when temperatures plummet? We have put together a list of items that you should consider before the peak of winter sneaks up on you,… Continue Reading

Raising Livestock in Your Backyard

As more people prioritise the quality of the food put into their bodies, cultivating our own food sources is becoming an increasingly popular choice. Self-sufficiency in food production allows a valuable insight into the care of livestock, their feed quality and the resulting quality of the produce. Depending on the size of land available, there… Continue Reading

6 Reasons You Need Vitamins for Long-Term Survival

Getting the right mix of food supply and nutrients is essential for every prepper. Yet, the big question is: how do you survive during food shortages? Research has shown that without vitamins, our bodies cannot develop. So, when you don’t have access to all the right foods, what do you consume to remain in your… Continue Reading

8 Things To Do When Faced With A Terrorist Attack

It is a terrifying indictment of modern times that getting caught in a terrorist attack is a possibility for anyone. Radical religious extremists have targeted the United States and Europe for multiple terrorist atrocities. The threat from jihadists continues to loom worldwide. Modern day terrorism sees attackers target not only major landmarks but also so-called… Continue Reading

8 Lost Skills We Can Learn From The Amish

Think you know what it takes to survive when SHTF? What about long-term, when survival is not a matter of days or weeks but months and years? That’s where Amish wisdom becomes essential. The art of long-term survival is a challenge for most preppers because it’s hard to fully anticipate the reality. We spend as… Continue Reading

How to Transform Your Yard into a Survival Garden

Maintaining a survival garden is an excellent way to prepare for the unknown. As a matter of fact, the world is fast experiencing disasters and crises which we have little control over. How do you protect your family and loved ones? Are you concerned about how to care for your family during natural disasters? Do… Continue Reading