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How would you rate your preparedness? You’ve got a bug out bag, an escape plan, enough weapons, water and supplies to get you and your family to safety?

You think you are ready for anything, you think you could survive... You Are WRONG.

What if I told you that you were missing the #1 most important part of any survival kit!

What if it's the thing that will make the difference between being a survivor and being a statistic...

Something that most people have never heard of, a survival secret known to only a few of the most experienced preppers

It's called Beta Glucan and if you read on for the next 4 and a half minutes you will discover 3 ways this powerful natural supplement could save your life.

Beta Gulcan
  • Enhances your immune system by 400%[7]
  • Strengthens your immune response to diseases, seasonal flus & pandemics
  • Speeds up wound recovery
  • May enhance protection from chemical attacks and radiation poisoning**
  • Prevents exhaustion & improves endurance
  • Helps build and maintain muscle mass

Increased Protection From Viruses, Influenza Outbreaks & Pandemics[7]


The National Center for Health Statistics reports that more than 90% of Americans suffer a cold or flu every year [1]. Flu is caused by the influenza virus strain and is so common because influenza does not have a mechanism for correcting or repairing errors that occur during cell replication. As a result of these uncorrected errors, the genetic composition of the viruses mutates significantly, spreading in humans and animals. But it's not just mutations that stop your body from fighting off these viruses...

Cold Flue


Influenza strains can merge and swap genetic materials between themselves, creating new and even more deadly offspring that are different from both parent viruses… Human populations will not and cannot have any immunity or protection from the new virus, no existing vaccine or antibodies can protect you.

If you are thinking "it's only flu" or "its only a cold... I don’t need to worry"...THINK AGAIN.

The CDC statistics from 2017 show that at least 80,000 americans were killed by the Flu in just the winter months [2]. This is approximately 10 times as many americans who have died in terror attacks, in Afghanistan in Iraq combined

Killed by Flu

Deadly Flu viruses are not uncommon either. Between 2009 and 2010, 274,304 Americans were hospitalized due to an H1N1 Flu virus, over 12,000 of them died… in 1968 The H2N2 “Asian Flu” strain killed 1.1 million people worldwide and 116,000 in the United States. And in 1918 the global “Spanish Flu” pandemic killed at least 50 million people worldwide causing more than 675,000 deaths in the United States[3].


Keep in mind these numbers are based in a world where people have easy access to modern medicine. Doctors and drugs, antibiotics and surgeons working day and night to keep you and your family alive. In a crisis, during a pandemic during an attack there may not be enough doctors. If you think 80,000 dead americans sounds like a lot now... imagine putting an extra few zeroes on the end of that number...

In fact the Institute for Disease Modeling and the gates foundation have suggested that when the next 1918 style global flu pandemic hits it will kill 33 million people in the first 6 months alone. And with air travel and long incubation times it will be impossible to contain... The disease will spread quickly from its birthplace in the slums of India or the villages Africa to US towns and cities, when the pandemic hits nowhere will be safe, no medication, vaccine or drug can keep you safe. Once its airborne only your immune system can keep you alive.

Global Stat

While the mutating and adaptable nature of the Flu virus makes it impossible to prevent, studies have shown that Beta Glucan provides up to a 60% protective effect against even the most deadly strains of influenza[4]. A recent study done on lab mice showed exactly this.

Study 1: Survival Rates of Lab Mice Administered a Lethal Strain of Influenza Virus

Two groups of subjects were separated, one group were premedicated with Beta Glucan, the other were given nothing, then after 2 weeks they were all infected with a deadly dose of a highly virulent influenza strain.

Within 12 days the entire control group was dead, 60% of mice given Beta Glucan recovered and regained all weight lost as a result of the Flu [5].

Survival Rates of Lab Mice Administered a Lethal Strain of Influenza Virus


Study 2: Weight Loss & Recovery Time of Medical Students Administered a Strain of Influenza

Weight Loss & Recovery Time of Medical Students Administered a Strain of Influenza


Another UK-based study done on 97 healthy medical students showed that the group taking a Beta Glucan formulation reported 43 fewer days of respiratory and seasonal cold or flu symptoms than those on placebo. The ability to "breathe easily" was also significantly improved in the Beta Glucan Group [6].

Beta Glucan Strengthens your immune system by 400%[7]

Beta Glucan works against Flus, viruses, colds and infections because it is one of the most powerful immune system boosters on the planet, increasing the efficacy of your immune system by 400% [7]. Basically it takes your basic white blood cells and transforms them into a fast response special forces team keeping them in a highly prepared state for any threat to your immune system. As a result, all subsequent immune responses improve.

Because of your fast response, prepared immune system all invading organisms, viruses and bacteria do not have the time to establish themselves, spread or build up strength before the immune system attacks, and destroys and or weakens the invader. Beta Glucan prepares and strengthens your immune system against attack.

There are over 6000 Studies that show that Beta Glucan "exhibit immunostimulating properties, including antibacterial and anti-tumor activities" [8]...Meaning if you take Beta Glucan you drastically lowers your chance of getting sick in the first place and may increase your odds of surviving even the most lethal strains and decrease the recovery time**.

Beta Glucan Increases Protection From Chemical & Biological Attacks**


Nuclear and Chemical threats are the nightmare scenarios for our intelligence services. A bad guy with a gun is a threat, but there is a limit to how much damage he can do. A bad guy with a vial full of Anthrax, Sarin, Novachock, or nerve gas could claim hundreds of lives of thousands of americans. In the last few years, russian spies have used chemical weapons on European citizens, North Korean dissidents have been assassinated in public airports with deadly nerve agents and Syrian terrorists deployed Sarin gas and Chlorine based chemical weapons against children.

Surviving exposure to chemical weapons attack is a race against time.

The question is...can your immune system defeat it before it defeats you? This is where Beta Glucan comes in.


Study 3: Protective Effect of Beta Glucan Against Anthrax

A series of studies commissioned by the Defence Department in Canada examined whether or not Beta Glucan could be used to supercharge the immune system and protect soldiers from Anthrax attacks as well as other chemical and biological weapons. Their studies recorded survival rates from lethal exposure to anthrax in excess of 80% of subjects using beta glucan, compared with survival rates of only 20-50% in untreated animals.


In addition, analysis of the anthrax remaining in the lungs of the survival animals showed that more than 90% of the beta glucan-treated animals had no trace of the chemical or bacterial agents in their lungs.

Study 4: Protective Effect of Beta Glucan Against Anthrax

Follow up studies done on lab rats demonstrated that both prophylactic and therapeutic oral administration of Beta Glucan significantly increased the survival rate of infected mice. Animals treated with clinically significant doses of Beta Glucan, (the same ratio of doses we use for human consumption in our Beta Glucan) for 7 days prior to being infected with Anthrax had a 100% survival rate… compared to only 50% of the control animals.


In animals that took a clinically significant dose of Beta Glucan after being infected saw increased survival from 30% in control-infected animals up to 90%. The Canadian government keeps its chemical weapons attack protocols classified and won’t confirm that they are stockpiling Beta Glucan... However shortly after these studies, Patent # US7786094B2 was filed to "broadly protect the military and the public from injury from biological warfare weapons... [using] Beta (1,3)-glucans".

Study 5: Protective Effect of Beta Glucan Against Radiation Poisoning


But chemical weapons are not the only nightmare scenario. A Dirty Nuke or Radiation Dispersal Device [RDD] and the subsequent nuclear fallout could kill millions of americans and collapse the government. 100% of people who are exposed to a high dose of radiation, for example in the case of nuclear fallout, are dead within 15 days... Beta Glucan increases your chance of survival and recovery to 50% (keep in mind this study was done with a low dose of Beta Glucan, and higher doses of Beta Glucan may increase the odds of survivability. Beta Glucan).

It's also worth noting that Beta Glucan has been studied for its anti-tumor properties and its ability to help mitigate the impact of chemotherapy. If you are fighting cancer, or at a high risk of cancer you may wish to examine the research around Beta Glucan

In the case of a chemical weapons or radioactive attack, hospitals will be flooded with the infected and the dying, doctors will be overwhelmed or dying themselves, the military may declare martial law and odds are they will lock down the population to stop the spread of the contagion. Your best chance of survival is to be able to fight off the attack yourself. Beta Glucan gives you and your family the best chance at survival. Taking it as a daily supplement prior to the attack may give you complete immunity, and even taking it after being exposed may give you up to a 90% chance of survival**.

Beta Glucan Speeds Up Wound Healing & Workout Recovery


Getting injured can vary between an annoying nuisance and a life threatening crisis, it all depends on the situation. Even if the injury is relatively minor you might still be laid up for weeks, on crutches, in a wheelchair, on medication, unable to help those around you or even being a burden that has to be cared for. This is especially true as you age, as your bodies immune system becomes less able to heal injuries. What if there was a way to significantly increase the speed at which you bounce back? What if there was a way to recover from an injury in days not months, or hours not days! What if you could have the wound healing powers of a superhero?


Beta Glucan has been shown in numerous studies to speed up wound recovery by up to 300% [9], including closing up open wounds that had become infected and in which the healing process had stalled.

Study 6: Beta Glucan and Wound Healing

In one UK study a wound that had been open for 312 weeks following a complete foot amputation healed after using beta glucan for only 9 weeks [10], [11]


Beta Glucan has been shown to:

  • Enhance antimicrobial wound activity
  • Increase resistance to wound infection
  • Improve wound tensile strength
  • Speed up re-epithelialization (skin regrowth)

Study 7: Beta Glucan's Impact on Workout Recovery Time & fatigue


If you take Beta Glucan, your recovery time is shorter, an injury that would have crippled you for months may results in only a week or a few days of rest. Making you far more resilient, able to keep moving, return to work faster and far less vulnerable in a crisis. But Beta glucan doesn't just make your wounds heal faster or help you shake off disease quicker. It also makes you build muscle faster and increase your endurance and workout recovery time.

"Beta Glucan lets you run faster, jump higher, and get stronger faster."


Studies have shown that it decreases fatigue, improves workout recovery time and enhances endurance, strength and muscle growth. The lead researcher of one of those studies, a Dr. McFarlin noted that Beta Glucan may "enable athletes to maintain a strenuous training program, avoid down time and ultimately enhance their overall athletic performance."

That study also noted that athletes taking Beta Glucan saw a 22% increase in vigor, energy and endurance, a 48% reduction in post workout fatigue, a 38% reduction in tension and a 38% reduction in stress-related confusion.

Beta Glucan helps you build muscle, run for longer, reduces the toll of physical exertion and keeps you in peak physical condition regardless of if you are in the gym, hiking, hunting, or in an emergency situation.


Beta Glucan is the secret to survival, it doesn't matter how prepared you are, if you are sick, if you are injured, if you cannot fight off disease, or contagion you are not going to make it.

You should already be taking it, it's a potentially life saving supplement that boosts your immune system, increases your energy, prevents you getting sick and keeps you in fighting form.

It's something you should have in your bug out bag.

There is no survival supplement its equal… And the Beta Glucan that AlphaSurvival created is sourced, tested and manufactured in the United States, In FDA audited and cGMP accredited Facilities.


Beta Glucan (1,3 1,6):
The most powerful natural immune booster in the world has been shown to improve immune function by 400%. It guards against and speeds up your body's recovery from sickness and disease.



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Beta Gulcan
  • Enhances your immune system by 400%[7]
  • Strengthens your immune response to diseases, seasonal flus & pandemics
  • Speeds up wound recovery
  • May enhance protection from chemical attacks and radiation poisoning**
  • Prevents exhaustion & improves endurance
  • Helps build and maintain muscle mass

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WARNING: When buying Beta-Glucan, make sure you choose a supplement that is at least 85% Beta-1, 3-D glucan. There are a lot of low quality or scam products online that contain very little active Beta-1, 3-D glucan in them. lt is not uncommon to see the product being sold with clinically insignificant doses of only a few milligrams of Beta-1, 3 D-glucan. Very often cheap scam products are packed with bulkers, fillers and ineffective synthetics. The purity of the Beta glucan is of the utmost importance. We only recommend you purchase Beta Glucan for US based, trustworthy manufacturers like ALPHA SURVIVAL who use high quality, all natural, earth grown ingredients in clinically significant dosages.



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**Disclaimer: All claims are based on a combination of animal and human studies, while we believe in the efficacy of the product we cannot guarantee individual results